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Grandmother’s Insight

My grandmother used to say “Be careful what you ask for — because you just might get it!”

I imagine that is what many people are thinking at this moment. It is pretty easy to speak in political parables and tell other people what they ought to do, but to walk the talk is a bit harder. 

It is time to stop for a moment and critically assess just what the state government does that is worth continuing and what it does [...]

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Swearing in Austin!

There’s been a lot of it in Austin over the past couple of weeks.

First, the state watched as the Governor and Lt. Governor were “sworn” into office on the Capitol steps.  The inauguration events were scaled down this year as compared to prior events in deference to the economic issues facing the state.

The next “swearing” began just hours later when members of the House and the public got their first look at the Legislative Budget Board’s recommendations regarding the revenues [...]

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Doom and Gloom Galore! But hope still alive for a balanced budget!

The 82nd Legislative session got off to a somewhat gloomy start Tuesday.  After the budget projections issued on Monday by the Comptroller, the mood was not exactly bright.  As the reality sets in upon everyone, the work yet to be done in the next 139 days seems overwhelming.  Yet there was optimism among the members of both houses and affirmation of a desire to work out reasonable solutions to the economic issues that plague all states across the nation.

Rep. [...]

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The Dawning of the 82nd Legislative Session

The 82nd Legislature officially convenes itself for the next 140 days to conduct the people’s business today.  If the past 23 hours of political intrigue is any indication, the session will hold plenty of surprises and intrigue.  Texas Comptroller Susan Combs delivered a revenue estimate that took even the stout of heart by surprise predicting as much as $26.8 billion deficit.  A variety of pundits have weighed in over the day as the estimate undergoes additional analysis with some suggesting that the “real” [...]

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Welcome to the UTMB HPLA “Ben’s Blog”

Hello World! This is my first blog post from UTMB’s Office of Health Policy and Legislative Affairs. There is a lot going on at the moment in the world impacting academic health science centers. Health Care Reform. Workforce Development. Research. Patient Care. Safety. Quality. Costs and Reimbursements. Consumer Protection. Legislative controversy as well as opportunity exists at the federal and state levels. There is much to talk about, to speculate on, and to discuss.

Over the next few months (or years) [...]

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