Following the Bouncing Ball

As the budget deliberations progress in Austin, there are some provisions that we need to monitor closely because of their potential impact to UTMB:

General revenue base funding was reduced as follows:

  • 10% reductions for formula funding for all the state’s health-related institutions
  • 25% reduction for UTMB’s hospital and “special items” such as home dialysis, Area Health Education Centers, institutional enhancement, primary care and indigent care

No Tuition Revenue Bond debt service was included in the budget for any institution; one of UTMB’s priorities this session is securing TRB debt service funding toward the proposed surgical care tower to replace the current Jennie Sealy Hospital.

30% reduction in funding for the JAMP (Joint Admission Medical Program), which has aided UTMB in recruiting a diverse student body

Elimination of funding for

  • Primary Care Residency Education
  • Family Practice Residency Support
  • Preceptorship Support
  • Professional Nursing Shortage Reduction Program
  • Physician Education Loan Repayment Program

Changes to Correctional Manage Care

  • Elimination of the Correctional Manage Health Care Committee
  • Direct contracting for health care delivery systems with TDCJ
  • Reduction of the current funding by $226 million, or 24%
  • Reduction of funding for Texas Youth Commission services by 23% ($8.3 million)
  • Setting hospital charges to base Medicaid rates

No continuation of funding for the Department of State Health Services UT Diabetes Outreach program

$90 million of the previously appropriated “Ike Recovery Fund” would be lapsed and would  require repeat special appropriation (UNLESS the university can encumber the money through contracts for campus construction prior to June 13, 2011)

The state budgeting process involves detailed considerations, debate and negotiation. We all need to be engaged in the process every step of the way. The evolution and final outcomes of the 2012-2013 biennium budget will have an important impact on UTMB’s future.

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