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The Finale…Sine Die

The 82nd Legislative Session has been quite a roller coaster ride — and it’s not over yet, with a special session starting today because the major fiscal matters bill needed to fund the  budget died in a Senate filibuster Sunday night.


By law, the special session can last 30 days; the Governor will determine what is “on the call” (i.e., what the [...]

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Nearing the End? Perhaps!

As the number of days on the session calendar grows shorter, the Conference Committee members from the House and Senate finally came together to present their recommendations for all Articles in the state budget, with the exception of Article III (education). 

Of special interest to UTMB was the presentation of the budget related to correctional health care services. In Conference Committee, the amount appropriated for offender health care [...]

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On the Edge…..

It is hard to find the words to describe this past week in the Capitol. Unusual?  Tense?  A cliff hanger?  A nail biter! 

However you describe it, the action has been fast paced and lively. It has had everyone on the edge of their seat.

Last week the Senate passed out its version of House Bill – 1 (the budget). [...]

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