One Song

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All relgions

all this singing

is one song.

The differences are just

illusion and vanity.

The sun’s light looks a little different

on this wall than it does on that wall,

and a lot different on this other one,

but it’s still one light.

We have borrowed these clothes,

these time and place personalities

from a light, and when we praise,

we’re pouring them back in.


Translated by Coleman Barks.

Reflection on Thanksgiving

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You know, this is a great time of year,
and it’s also a tough time of year,
because we have so many memories, so many memories.
So, let me just focus on Thanksgiving, this giving thanks.

giving thanks
how do we give thanks?

amidst all the hustle and bustle and cooking and cleaning and traveling
and still working,
since we never stop and since the hospital never stops,
and since we have to keep providing the best care, the most excellent care.
how do we give thanks?
we do get some [...]

Biker Weekend

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For the last two years the Christian Motorcycle Association,, has provided spiritual/pastoral care support at UTMB during the Lone Star Motorcycle Rally event in Galveston.  These volunteers come from as far away as Montana and as close as Houston to be available, especially for those who have medical emergencies and have to be hospitalized while attending the rally.  They provide a great service and support for the patients, their families, and for UTMB’s staff.  We are glad to have [...]

2010 Employee Memorial Service Slides

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2nd Annual Employee Memorial Service

May 27, 2010

Due to a computer glitch, the slide for the service were incomplete.  Therefore we decided to post the slides on the Blog.  Welcome–as we remember our employees who died over the last year.

Download slides here (pdf)

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