September 22 Shuki-sorei-sai

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Shuki-sorei-sai   (Shinto)

Shuki-sorei-sai, the September equinox memorial serivces is similar to the March memorial services.  The Services are held at home altars to rever ancestors as kami.  Grave-sites are cleaned and purified.

July 30 Oh-harai-taisai

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Oh-harai-taisai  (Shinto)

Oh-harai-taisai, the Grand Purification Ceremony, has been held since ancient times to obtain purification from sins and offences committed during the first half of the lunar year.  In earlier times, the Imperial Japanese Court led the cermonies. A large ring of woven rasses and reeds is placed at the entrance of the shrine premises.  Walking through the ring symbolizes inner purification.

March 20 Shunki-sorei-sai

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February 3 Setsunbun-sai

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Setsunbun-sai   (Shinto)

Setsunbun-sai, popularly known as teh Bean-throwing Festival, marks the end of winter and the eve of the first day of spring according to the ancient East Asian solar calendar familiar to Japanese.  Beans are thrown into each room of the house, and then through the outer doors, with the shout, "Devils out, Fortune in!" Today Setsunbun-sai is a happy family festival. 

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