May 1 Beltane

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Beltane   (Wicca)

Beltane (also called Beltain, May Eve {April 29} and May Day) celebrates the conjoining of the infinaite potential of the Goddess with the life-sparking energy of the God in a sacred marriage, the basis of all creation.  It is a time for balancing the feminine and masculine tides within the psyche as each celebrant prepares to participate in bringing the creative potential of the year to fruition.

March 20 Ostara

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Ostara (Wicca)

Ostara celebrates the return of the Goddess-as-Maiden, the courting of the Goddess by the God, and the reawakening of the seeds within the earth.

December 21 Yule

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Yule    (Wicca)

Yule, which marks the New Year in the Anglo-Saxon and northern traditions of Wicca, is the celebration of the birth of the God as the Winer-born King, symbolized by the rebirth of the life-generating and life-sustaining sun.  It is a time for ritually shedding the impurities of the past year, and for contemplating avenues of spiritual development in the year ahead.

October 31 Samhain

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Samhain   (Wicca)

Samhain celebrates the Celtic New Year.  The dying god returns to the womb of the Goddess in preparation for rebirth at Yule. The souls of those who have dies during the turning of the past year’s wheel are bid farewell.  It also marks the third and final harvest. Vegan Wiccans harvest nuts, the kernels of which are symbols of wisdom.  As the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is thinnest at this time, ancestors can join in celebration.

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