September 23 Mabon

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Mabon (Wicca)

Mabon (Harvest Home) celebrates life’s encapsulation as a seed to survive the cold, barren winter and the harvest of the Vine, which as wine symbolizes the Goddess’ power to transform youth’s sweet nectar into old age wisdom and spiritual maturity.

August 1 Lammas

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Lammas   (Wicca)

Lammas (also called Lughnasad) is the celebration of the grain harvest, the Harvest of the First Fruits.  Many traditions celebrate Lammas as the funeral of Lugh, the sun God whose strength is visibly waning by late summer.

June 21 Litha

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Litha   (Wicca)

Litha (also called Midsummer’s Eve) celebrates the consummation of the sacred marriage in which the energy of God is poured out in the service of life.  His sacrifice resulting in his total immolation by the end of the season, sets the standard of self-giving in service to the Goddess. Litha comes on the June solstice.

March 20 Ostara

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Ostara   (Wiccan)

Ostara celebrates the return of the Goddess-as-Maiden, the courting of the Goddess by the God, and the reawakening of the seeds within the earth.

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