March 9 Hola Mohalla

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Hola Mohalla   (Sikhism)

Hola Maholla is a three-day festival following Holi, the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, started it as a time for military preparedness exercises.  Today, mock battles are followed by music competitions and festivities.

Ash Wednesday at UTMB

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Ashes will be available in the UTMB Hospital Chapel in John Sealy Towers (room 1.202)  on Wednesday, February 22 from 1230 to 230pm. All are welcome.

Please cal the Pastoral Care office for patients requesting Ashes.  Pastoral Care office is ext 23909.

Ash Wednesday at Holy Family Parish

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February 22, 2012
for Holy Family Parish
Galveston, Texas
 7 am    Mass & Ashes          HFP-St. Patrick                        Fr. Maynard/Deacon Buzz
 9 am    Mass & Ashes          HFP-St. Patrick                     Fr. John T./Deacon Henry Becker
12 pm    Mass & Ashes          HFP-Holy Rosary         Fr. John Paul/Deacon Henry Herrera
12 pm    Ashes only               HFP-Sacred Heart                          /Deacon Sam Dell’Olio
12 pm   Ashes only              HFP-Our Lady by the Sea              /Deacon Robert Standridge
 5 pm    Ashes only                HFP-St. Patrick (Spanish)                 /Deacon Henry Herrera
 7 pm    Mass & Ashes          HFP-Sacred Heart            Cardinal Di Nardo/Deacon Doug
 7 pm    Mass & Ashes           HFP-St. Patrick (Spanish) Fr. John [...]

February 20 Mahashivaratri

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Mahashivaratri   (Hinduism)

Mahashivaratri is dedicated to Shiva, one of the major deities to whom Hindus direct their devotion.  The night before the feast, Hindus recite texts, sing, and tell stories in honour of this God whos dynamic cosmic dance creates preserves, destroys and recreates the world.

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