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November 24 Ashura

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Ashura   (Islam)

for Shite Muslims Ashura (Muharram) has special importance.  It commemorates the martyrdom of Husain, Prophet Muhammad's grandson, in AH 61 (680 CE).  Observed 10 days from the first of the month of Ashura, the event is a time of great mourning.  For Sunni Muslims, Ashura is a time to remember two of Allah's merciful acts:  Noah's safe landing after the Flood and the Israelites liberation from Egypt under Moses.

November 18 Jnana Panchumi

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Jnana Panchumi   (Jainism)

Jnana Panchumi:  Some Jains celebrate transcendent wisdom by fasting for 36 hours.  Others perform rituals and pray for right knowledge.

November 12 Birth of Baha u llah

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Birth of Baha u llah   (Baha'i)

The anniversary of the birth of Baha u llah, the founder of the Baha'i faith.  Baha'is suspend work on this day.

November 15 and 28 Advent begins

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November 15 and 28   Advent Begins   (Christainity)

the Christmas Fast is the 40 day period before Christmas, ending on Christmas Eve.  The New Calendar locates Christmas on December 25, the Old Calendar on January 7.

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